Fundraising Tips


Once you have secured your place in the race and set up your Just Giving fundraising page, it's time to start fundraising!

For some, fundraising can be a daunting task: who to ask, what to do and where to start? Help is at hand, however, from Emma Fletcher, Norwich City Community Sports Foundation's Fundraising Officer, who has put together a list of her own personal fundraising top tips:

"Start early"

The sooner you start, the more money you will raise.

"Set a target goal"

Your goal should be reachable, but also stretchable. If you are getting close to your goal, stretch it again!

"Don't be afraid to contact everyone you know!"

Check your email address book, both personally and at work and let them know. You may be surprised over who will support your cause.

"Customise your emails"

Why not personalise your personal or work email signature to include a link to your fundraising page? Recipients of your emails may be inspired to help support your run.

"Create a communication schedule"

Good planning can make a world of difference. Plan dates in advance for when you will contact people. Don’t bombard your friend list with emails, but make sure you keep up a regular stream of communication.

"If you don’t ask, you don’t get!"

People can only donate if they know about it, so make sure you tell them! Don’t be shy and don’t be scared to remind them.

"Customise your fundraising page"

Try to add photos, videos, a story and even a blog - let people feel what you are going through and why.

"Use social media"

Update your status on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Keep directing them to your fundraising page!

Tip: Having trouble keeping your tweets within Twitter's character limit because of too long fundraising links? Try link shortener websites such as or  Aside from giving you a character-friendly URL, these websites can also give you stats on how many people have clicked on your link!

"Be creative and fun with your fundraising"

Cake sales, pub quizzes and car-washes are some of the most common fundraising events but don’t be afraid to think ‘outside of the box’ - sometimes the simplest ideas are the easiest!

"Fundraise with others"

Join forces and raise money with another fundraiser - two heads are often better than one! Having a shared target can motivate both of you to reach your goal.

"Stay focused"

If you need reminding of why you are completing the run, visit the charity’s website, watch their videos, read their case-studies and get reinspired!

"Don’t forget to say thank you!"

Make sure you say thank you to your donors. You might need them again next time!